The Spice Punch X The Shack - BBQ Class (July 15th 11am - 4pm)

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The time has come!! 

Join us as David from Spice Punch display's a range of bbq skills to help you become a BBQ hero. 

David aka Spice Punch have been cooking and BBQ'ing for a number of years and is now teaching classes & supporting events all about BBQ.David has always been a keen home cook but the last 6 years has been honing his skills on the BBQ, they now dry age & butcher meat, make their own sausages, sauces, rubs, pastrami's and aren't afraid to experiment and play with new ideas. They have been known to temper chocolate and smoke ice cream so keep an eye on their cooks!Join us for this tasty BBQ class.This will cover some key skills that will have guests leaving ready to prepare amazing meals for friends and Family:We will cover:Setting up the BBQFire & Coal managementLow and Slow Smoked RibsGrilling Steaks 3 waysHow to make delicious saucesMaking tasty BBQ SidesAnd a few other bits included. You should leave full of food and knowledge ready to impress