The 45 Drum BBQ

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The Bubba 45 Gallon BBQ drum is the original Great British made steel upright BBQ.

Handmade by our BBQ experts in Cheshire the drum is constructed of a brand new original mild steel 45 gallon drum. It is then taken for a serious high heat coating which makes a gorgeous 360 internal and external bubblegum blue coverage including a snug fitting lid to cover your BBQ when not in use. The lid has a very sturdy handle which can also clip to the drum when not in use.

The cooking basket and grill are laser cut and hand finished by a small family owned expert engineering team just across the border in Wrexham. Created from a milled thick gauge steel and a carbon steel combination the coal basket is removable and holds the ideal temperature for charcoal with plenty of ventilation to keep cooking temperatures even for a long time. 

The carbon steel grill plate is designed to hold the correct temperature to cook your food to perfection, with minimal flare ups compared to conventional wire grills. The 58 cm diameter cooking area provides enough space to cook for just yourself or a small party. Laser cut into the grill is the iconic 45 logo as well as the addition of 2 small key holes so your grill can be removed safely with the supplied key tool, to tend to your coals. The height of the grill can be adjusted to two of the most optimum cooking heights and the grill will sit safely and steady on the hand welded adjusters. Two large and rugged handle keys are provided with each 45 BBQ to safely adjust the height and to replace and remove the grill plate.

The 45 Gallon BBQ also has a stainless steel faceplate with generous hooks to keep your cooking utensils and grill removal tool nearby at all times. Laser cut with the 45 logo and a Union Jack to celebrate our heritage.

We want to get you off to the best start with your 45 Gallon BBQ and so inside your handmade BBQ will also be a bag of our preferred Great Welsh charcoal.

Height 90cm
Diameter 60cm