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The sustainable BBQ solution: our premium grade coconut charcoal BBQ alternative is the pro solution that doesn't cost the Earth. Our ProQ Cocoshell briquettes has less odour as they are free from additives and chemicals making them 100% natural.

ProQ Coconut Charcoal Shell Briquettes burn 2-3 times longer than ordinary wood charcoal, making this product much more economical to use for longer cooks and cleaner alternative to lump charcoal. Also, our coconut charcoal burn hotter than ordinary wood charcoal, making it perfect for grilling.

ProQ coconut shell briquettes are also filler-free, they leave very little ash so they're suitable for ceramic BBQs.


  • A 10kg pack of ProQ Cocoshell will burn for the same amount of time as 25kg of standard lump wood charcoal
  • 100% Natural Product, and no trees are cut down to make them
  • Can be used in any BBQ or grill, including ceramic grills due to their low ash content
  • Delicious results - very low odour and smoke, great tasting authentic BBQ flavour
  • Square briquettes allow you to stack and light easily - perfect for the minion method