PK Grills The (New) Original

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  •  4 radial vents for extremely accurate cooking temperatures, and 2-zone cooking
  • Injected cast aluminium shell that will last a lifetime (20-year warranty)
  • Dual hinge system with no moving parts
  • High-quality lightweight cart
  • Rubber tyres on aluminium wheels
  • Internal ash management system
  • 300 Square inches of cooking space
  • Hinged cooking grate
  • Optional Tru-Tel thermometer

PK Grills have been around for a long time, around 50 years to be exact. Their design team are constantly innovating and developing their BBQs, the new original is no different.

Air flow & design
This BBQ has been redesigned from the ground up, using injection aluminium casting much like the flagship PK 360. This makes for a tighter seal, meaning when you close the lid it will snuff out flare ups, and lower the temperature as the vents are doing all the work.

Aluminium being a very conductive metal is a bonus when it comes to the PK grill capsule, this allows heat to conduct around the capsule, allowing for very even heat distribution across your grilling surface, food will not need to be rotated during cooking.

Having a total of 4 vents on your cooker allows for very accurate air flow manipulation in and out of the BBQ. This means you can offset your coal to one side, and direct the heat flow in and out of the cooker over the food.
This low and slow cooking style is excellent for large cuts of meat like whole chickens or turkeys, briskets, beef and pork ribs. You can choose from various classic heat management styles but we like the minion method.

If it's steakhouse searing you want, the PK original has you covered, these can get extremely hot with all the vents open. The PK original is often the goto cooker for steak championships around the world, used by professionals like Malcolm Reed. 

PK Original vs PKTX
The PK original is more of a permanent BBQ for your garden. Where you don't need the portability and fold down stand of the PKTX. You also get many more refinements on the new original, like an ash catching system, radial vents and a smoother casting finish.