Pit Boss Competition

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Pit Boss Competition Blend is complex, yet select blend that is versatile and can be used with anything. No artificial flavours, spray scents, glues or chemicals: Pit Boss Hardwood Pellets are 100% natural. Sourced across North America, our raw wood makes for a superior finished product. Applying high pressure to sawdust during production forces natural juice in the wood to bind the pellets together with a flavour that is unique to each blend.

  • Perfect blend of Sweet, Savoury and Tart
  • Used by many professional 'pitmasters'
  • Great for Beef, Pork, Chicken, Vegetables and Baking
  • 100% hardwood pellets
  • No fillers, binders or additives
  • Packaged in a heavy duty plastic bag for ease of handling and storage
  • Original Louisiana Grills / Pit Boss 6mm Premium Pellets
  • 9kg Sack