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Hellrazr Yama Grill Smoker

5 cooking height positions for perfect heat adjustment, room for additional grids (2 grids included)
Cook burgers, eggs, bacon, anything is possible with our stainless steel griddle (sold separately)

Slowly smoke your favorite meats with our removable indirect heat smoke baffle (sold separately)

9 stainless steel skewers included, accommodates a total of 19 skewers (additional skewers sold separately)

Removable side door for easy cleaning
Unparalleled heat retention (up to 24 hrs when using HELLRAZR Tex-Mex-Mix Oak & Mesquite Charcoal)
Thick double-walled firebox
1/4 inch thick laser cut carbon steel
8 spaces for grills
Extreme construction, built and designed for a lifetime of hard use
Ceramic, silicon-based paint resistant up too 1200 degrees F
Tough 103lbs of Steel