Hamrforge Old Iron Side

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With a reverse flow design, OIS produces even temperatures, stability with ease and provides a unique smoke signature. A ¼” thick baffle plate coupled with Strenx 100 Carbon Steel grill grates, allows you to sear directly over the baffle, or use our optional charcoal basket for easy clean-ups. Whilst the optional Rotisserie bracket turns Old Iron Sides into one of the most versatile units on the market today.

OIS is built to last and with a warranty to match. Built with 11-gauge American steel, the steel is precision cut using a CNC laser and hand finished in Canada. Once built, each OIS is acid treated and sprayed with a Ceramic-Silicon based high temperature paint for longer lasting protection.

Comes standard with:

x2 Strenx 100 Carbon Steel Grate - ¼” thick

x1 Rotisserie Bracket - Motor/Rod not supplied

x1 Charcoal Grate

Standard Features & Specs:

24” High x 24” Long x 14” wide

x1 Strenx 100 Carbon Steel Grate - ¼” thick

x1 Tel-Tru Thermometer with four zones – Smoker, BBQ, Grill, Sear

68KG with one grate