Gozney° Pizza Master Class (May 27th 11am - 4pm)

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Introducing our new improved Gozney Pizza Masterclass! 

Time to enhance your pizza making skills at home and how to get the most from your pizza oven.

A fully immersive course for the home pizza maker who wants to learn hands on the tips and techniques for making great pizza.

The course will cover everything from:-

Walking through the equipment
Making awesome pizza dough
Cooking and of course, the best bit - the eating! 


There will be lots of tasting so come hungry and you will leave with pizza to take home, dough that you will have made and all the tips and knowledge to making amazing pizza.

This is hands on so you will be doing and making not just watching.

Any questions before you book just ask, and of course we answer all your questions on the day.

We believe we all learn when we are having fun.

Howard has been making pizzas for over 10 years professionally and for over 2 years as the D Pizza Guy and has appeared on Come Dine With Me. (No spoilers as to if he won or not)..! He has a very successful and popular business with traditional and contemporary toppings and ideas to suit any taste and theme.

Prepare to learn a lot, have some fun and go home with a lot of knowledge, tips and techniques as well as a pizza or two to share your new found skill

All drinks and food inc.

Ideal for anyone who has a pizza oven, thinking about getting one or a present for foodies.