Gozney Dome S1

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The S1 has arrived !!!

The streamlined version of the award-winning Dome is an easy-to-use 950º oven designed to make creating unforgettable pizza effortless. The essential oven for pizza lovers. Dome S1 brings the performance of the award-winning Dome and the effortless control of quick-start rolling gas flame to your backyard, easily hitting temperatures of 950ºF so you and your family can cook pizza in 60 seconds. With Dome S1 you can experience better-than-restaurant-quality pizza and the joy of high-temperature cooking all the with the turn of a dial. Dome S1 is the stream-lined version of the world's most thoughtfully designed outdoor pizza oven. Expertly designed down to the last detail, it works effortlessly for both beginners and chefs, reaching temperatures in excess of 950ºFwith the easy-to-use quick-start rolling gas flame, so you create unforgettable pizza after pizza in 60 seconds. Engineered with the same renowned heat retention and cooking power of GOZNEY commercial-ovens, you can easily control the high heat with precision so every pizza is how you and your family like it. The easy-to-use power of gas meets unbeatable heat retention for a prime pizza experience.

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