Cactus Jack 20" Longhorn Offset

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Cactus Jack 20" Longhorn - Offset Smoker ProSmoke Edition

The Original Premium Wood Fired Offset Smoker Of Europe
This ProSmoke Edition of the 20'' Longhorn is huge, and the flagship model of our traditional shape offset smokers, it really gives you a piece of southern Texas in your back garden,
it will suit large family gatherings and catering operations, and in ProSmokes's opinion the best looking of the range.

Weight: 210 kg
Dimensions (L / W / H): 200/90/155 cm
Cooking Surface: 0,8 m2
Cook Chamber Cooking Area: 490mm Deep x 920mm Long
Firebox Cooking Area: 490mm Deep x 410mm Long

Cactus Jack Offset Smokers
These offset smokers have been around for over 20 years and was the original premium wood fired offset in Europe, licensed from the smokers seen in southern Texas in the early 90's.
These heavy duty units are quality from start to finish, they really are a lifetime smoker with lots of cooking options and accessories.
These cookers are a statement and constant talking point when cooking for friends and family, so fascinate your guests with unique wood fired BBQ food, as there's nothing like mastering live fire cooking.

Heavy Duty Construction
If there's one thing you want from an offset smoker, it's thick steel walls. This is the single most important thing, a thick walled offset smoker will run at an easy consistent temperature once it's heated.
Cheap offset smokers with thin walls, will loose heat faster than your fire can supply heat, and become impossible to run and manage a consistent fire.
A steady heat running through a well built smoker like ours, will cook food faster and better.
Heat fluctuations will have you frustrated and forever running late on cooks, the better the smoker the easier it is to use.
The Cactus Jack offset smokers are built in 7mm steel all round, and weigh in excess of 180 kg.
A true lifetime BBQ smoker.

Built By Cactus Jack, Tuned By ProSmoke BBQ
ProSmoke have been using these smokers for years, and helped develop this ''Pro smoke'' version of the Cactus Jack you see now.
They decided the smoker needed to run just a bit hotter and draft faster,  much like the American smokers we imported and tested.
The engineers tweaked the existing design and knocked it out the park, these smokers draft, cook and run better than any offset on the market, its the best offset smoker in Europe. 
All ''Pro Smoke'' versions of the Cactus Jack come per-installed with the ProSmoke BBQ thermometer for easy identification, they are only available from us here in the UK.

Traditional vs Reverse Flow 
Traditional flow is the heat running from the firebox, through the cooking chamber and out of the chimney, simply right to left.
This diagonal heat path of the air means you can utilize different temperatures in the cook chamber for ultimate cooking flexibility.

Reverse flow is a lower smokier cooking technique, where you direct the heat flow under a plate, then back across the food.

Traditional is ProSmokes's chosen method every time, but if you wanted the reverse flow for a certain type of cook, you will just need to use the reverse flow kit consisting of a second chimney and steel baffle plates.

Tune The Smoker To Your Style
Due to the size of the 20'' Cactus Jack they don't supply a ceramic stone filter as seen on the 16'' versions, as you're able to cook with a fairly even heat profile as it is, but you will find the fire box side hotter than the chimney side.
This is useful when you have different cuts of meat that require different cook times and heat.

They can however supply their tuning plates as an extra. This is a system we adopted by the Americans.
It consists of several steel plates, that you place along the cooker under the cooking grates, this directs the heat under the food and distributes it evenly though the gaps that you specify.
This also has the benefit of you being able to build a much bigger fire than normal, as you are funneling the heat under the food safely, stretching your refill times.

An Oversized Fire Box For Grilling
A feature of the ''ProSmoke edition'' Cactus Jacks is oversize firebox, this not only helps with the air flow and temperature control, it means you have a good size grill at the ready anytime. So why not throw some meat over the fire while you slow cook in the main chamber!
Over sized fireboxes also help with temperature control, as you are able to move the fire closer or further away from the cooking chamber to control the heat, as well as using the door to control the airflow.

All the Smokers have the following features
All units now ship with:

- Vulcanized rubber wrapped wheels, these will not damage your patio like older style wagon wheels.
Rubber covers are also supplied for the feet
- 2 x Front shelves (detachable on all models apart from the 16'' Patio Special model
- 1 x Extra grill grate for fire box grilling
- 1 x High flow chimney
- Dampers on the inlet and outlets for quick extinguish of fires.
- Cool touch wooden handles
- Handle for wheeling the smoker
- Grease drain and bucket
- Heavy duty fire grate