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BBQr’s Delight Pellet Grill Fuel works with ANY pellet-fired outdoor cooker! It is made up of a blend of one-third flavour wood and two-thirds Oak wood to give you consistent, clean fire for your pellet burning cooker and plenty of the healthy ‘blue smoke’ prized by BBQ pitmasters to flavour your food. Such a blend also delivers a milder flavour than 100% flavour wood.

Oak provides consistent, clean-burning BTUs for optimum cooker performance and there is plenty of flavour wood to provide a consistent, distinctive flavour bag-to-bag, and flavour-to-flavour! The most popular smoking wood, hickory, creates an intense bacon-like aroma, which is perfect for all types of meat, low & slow BBQ, hot & fast grilling, or creating your own blends. There is no bark in the pellets so they burn consistently with minimal ash. Further, the pellets are slightly wider pellets than most pellets on the market, but always less than 2cm in length to eliminate auger feed issues. A 50/50 mix of Pecan and Cherry pellets gives the flavour and colour many people want for competition and back-yard cooks, regardless of whether they are cooking brisket, steaks, or baking dessert.

These food-grade wood pellets are packaged in 9kg (20 lb) bags and are recommended for all brands of pellet grills.

Made in Arkansas, USA.

Cherry – Sweet smoky flavour with a rosy hue. Gives the deepest ‘smoke ring’ on meat.