BBQ Sauce Mop

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Texas style Basting Mop ideal for sauce moping and just looking awesome.

Mopping Brushes allow you to keep your barbecue moist, infuse it with flavour while you are cooking, or add the sauce. This is a great mop to add a mop sauce, marinate, or tenderizer grill or smoke BBQ ribs, brisket, chicken, and pork.

Benefits of using this BBQ basting mop:


  • The cotton fibers hold the mop sauce and make it easy to spread large amounts on at once.
  • It adds moisture to the meat to lessen the chance of the meat drying out during its bbq-ing or grilling process.
  • You can spread your sauces however you like, unlike silicone basting brushes where you can only spread your sauces in a straight horizontal or vertical motion.
  • You can use this basting mop to clean small hard to clean items as well!
  • The mop is equipped with an attached loop for easy and sanitary storage.